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Arborists With Building Clearance Experience and Knowledge

A common form of property damage that homeowners overlook is roof damage caused by nearby trees. Sacramento Valley Tree Services, Inc has qualified tree experts with a keen eye for these risks. We provide building clearance services and inspect properties to keep them safe from any protruding tree limbs. We have the advanced tools and training to perform any tree cutting, tree trimming and tree pruning services. Building clearance must be considered when your property is situated near trees. We can help in this regard.

Why Care About Building Clearance?

Homeowners often overlook building clearance since it can be out of sight. However, it’s important to bear this matter in mind to avoid the following:

  • Safety hazards
  • Property damage
  • Costly repairs
  • Decreased sunlight onto home and garden

The building clearance team at Sacramento Valley Tree Services, Inc works with homeowners, businesses and the state of California to identify building clearance measurements. If we find that trees and shrubs pose danger to passing traffic or nearby buildings, we will be on it. Our arborists in Sacramento understand the many types of species of trees and shrubs out there, their growth rate and their ideal planted proximity to structures nearby. With professional tree pruning practices, we condition trees to grow away from structures, where future trimming can occur less frequently. In addition, we protect not only buildings but trees.

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